CashMax is paying it forward

CashMax is paying it forward

One of OCLA’s member companies, CashMax Ohio landed in the news recently thanks to their “Pay It Forward” campaign. From the Huber Heights Courier:

Recently managers and employees from the CashMax store in Huber Heights went to a local Kroger to do their “Pay It Forward Program” and paid for a man’s cart full of groceries. CashMax Ohio is doing this all over the state of Ohio.

“We went to Kroger looking to do our Pay It Forward program and at the front of the store a gentlemen strolled right in front of us with a cart filled with all kinds of Thanksgiving foodies and some basic home items. He lit up when we told him he wanted to pay the bill for his groceries,” said Sarah Healy, Assistant Manager Huber Heights CashMax. “After we paid, he shared a secret with us. The merchandise that was in his cart wasn’t for him, it was for a family that had fallen on hard times and he was helping them out. Knowing that made our event out to pay it forward that much better.”

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