CashMax Ohio grows “Pay It Forward” program

CashMax Ohio grows “Pay It Forward” program

Stacey Nichols of CashMax Ohio in Chillicothe started a great tradition when she paid for a family’s meal at a local restaurant. It felt so good, she went back and did it again the next week.

Then, she came up with an idea: “Creating a Paying it Forward program at all 41 CashMax Ohio stores across the state.”

CashMax Ohio adopted the idea as reported in the Darke Journal:

Each Wednesday, a manager from every CashMax Ohio visits a local fast food restaurant and pays for the meals of the customers standing behind them in line. Since its inception, CashMax has effectively touched the lives of over 5,000 people/families as a result of this program.

“This kind of program and company-wide kindness makes CashMax an even better place to work,” Nichols said, “and a great place for our customers and our communities.”

CashMax Ohio has since expanded the program, and is now Paying it Forward once a week at grocery stores by selecting a person or family in the store and paying for their entire cart of groceries.

“A staff member and I went to Giant Eagle in Akron to do the new Pay It Forward program and it was an incredible experience,” said CashMax Ohio District Director Jason Luttrell. “We found a young mother and her two children with a cart full of groceries.

“When we approached her and told her what we wanted to do she was astounded, as were the grocery store workers,” Luttrell said. “She was holding back tears and she gave us a hug and thanked us. It is truly a privilege to work for a company like CashMax that consistently gives back to the communities they serve.”

Read more of this remarkable story here.

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