Mission Statement

The mission of Ohio Consumer Lenders Association (OCLA) is to promote the common business interests of consumer financial services organizations operating in Ohio and to provide a forum for industry-wide consideration of the means for making credit available to middle class Ohioans on reasonable terms and conditions. OCLA works to promote laws and regulations that balance strong consumer protections while preserving access to a diverse credit market.

All OCLA members abide by a code of Best Practices that provide appropriate safeguards for Ohio consumers. These Best Practices are intended to assist consumers in understanding the costs and responsibilities associated with short-term credit and to provide adequate and clear disclosures to allow consumers to make informed financial decisions. Furthermore the association promotes ethical transparent business policies such as easy to understand contracts, appropriate debt collection practices and honest advertising. OCLA members are held to the highest standards and pledge to provide quality financial products.

In order to meet the highest standards, our guiding philosophy is to promote financial education and to empower consumers with a comprehensive understanding of their financial options. Financial education is an additional safety net that educates as well as protects consumers.

Ohio Consumer Lenders Association is a proud leader in the Ohio financial industry. Our member companies are dedicated to offering quality products in a diverse financial market.

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