Other Services

Pre-Paid Debt Cards

Many member companies offer pre-paid Visas and/or Mastercard debit cards. This product allows the consumer to instantly load a pre-paid debit card at any participating store and use it instantly anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted. These cards can also be used to withdraw cash and check a customer’s balance at millions of ATMs worldwide.

Direct Deposit

Many member companies allow consumers to direct deposit payroll or government benefits to their prepaid debit card. This often results in receiving funds in a more timely fashion than traditional means.


Electronic Bill Payments

Many of our member companies offer the convenience of electronic bill payment. Consumers simply bring in bills to have them paid electronically to participating vendors quickly. Payments are accepted for many credit card companies, utiltities, phone and wireless providers, cable and satellite television providers, and many others. Electronic bill payment can save consumers from paying late fees on bills that are immediately due.


Money Orders

Many member companies offer Western Union money orders as a convenient way to pay bills, make purchases, or give gifts when cash or personal checks are not accepted or are not available. Western Union and Moneygram have over 275,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories.

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